Children tick the success criteria

During lesson introductions at Ysgol Pencae the teachers involve the class in a discussion of what makes a task or activity SUCCESSFUL. The Year 1 teacher scribed pupils’ ideas as ‘Meini Prawf Llwyddiant’ (Success Criteria) on a small white easel and pupils reflected on them during the task. This example shows 3 success criteria for fair testing in the rocket mice focused assessment task.  

Pupils were given 3 different roles when designing their rocket mice – success criteria manager (SCM), resource manager and ‘everyone on task’ manager. The SCM had to tick each success criteria as and when they were being achieved by the group. This ensured younger pupils were involved in reflecting on the success criteria during the task.

Older pupils recorded and self assessed the SC independently in their books using purple pens.

Link to Y2 rocket mice task

Ysgol Gymraeg Pencae, Cardiff