Moderation graffiti wall

Staff created a moderation graffiti wall to consider progression in Working Scientifically (WS) from Y1 to Y6.  The ‘wall’ consisted of a roll of paper with samples of the children’s work which each year group could annotate.   On this occasion, aspects of Working scientifically were picked out in green and attainment in the work samples was annotated in red (expected, above, below).

Staff discussions included:

    • the amount of support given to individuals or groups.
    • decisions about whether there was evidence of progression.
  • specific ways individual children could be moved on, such as using more scientific language, and giving reasons in conclusions.

Outcomes of the moderation discussions:

    • staff decided to plan to focus on aspects of WS in more depth in each term e.g. analysing data, so that staff  can support each other and moderation discussions can be focused.
    • a general model of progression across the school was agreed, with the aim being for children to become more independent as they progress through the school.
  • the next step was to make judgments together about whether a sample of individual children have met, not met or exceeded the expectations for their year group.

Watch video here

Worlebury St Pauls Primary School, Weston-super-Mare