Raising the profile of science skills

Victoria Park Primary have developed a Working Scientifically butterfly (which matches the school logo) to help focus and coverage of science skills.  A butterfly is displayed on the wall of each classroom so that teachers can refer to it when introducing or reviewing the focus for the lesson. Wedges can be coloured in for coverage or to represent a whole class judgement, where the majority of children have successfully achieved the objective.  There is more than one wedge per skill, to show that it needs to be applied in multiple contexts. By looking at which wedges have not yet been coloured, the teacher can identify areas for future class focus, whilst the subject leader can identify gaps across the school.

Victoria Park Primary School, Bristol

There is now a new  TAPS Working Scientifically Wheel which can be used like the butterfly, but also has the ‘Plan, Do, Review’ enquiry cycle more clearly represented.