Using CIEC grids to identify what to pass on

Teachers at St Patrick’s Primary School in Thornaby ensure a whole school approach to science assessment by using CIEC’s document ‘Enabling Accurate Teacher Assessment in Primary Science.’

The science content assessment grids (p7 and p11-15) indicate which areas of the science curriculum are not taught in the final year of each key stage and, therefore, which year group’s responsibility┬áit is to collect assessment evidence and make useful contributions towards science assessment at the end of Year 2 and Year 6.

All teachers at St Patrick’s Primary School use the grids to indicate where an area of science is not likely to be taught again in the key stage. They will know to share this assessment information with the Year 2 or Year 6 teacher so that it can be used to inform each child’s final end of key stage judgement.

St Patrick’s Primary School, Thornaby