Professional learning through moderation

Moderation can be more than matching or checking, it can provide opportunities for professional learning.  For example, moderation discussions can support teachers to understand expectations for different year groups, progression of science skills and concepts and ‘what a good one looks like’.  

At Garnteg, moderation has become an ongoing discussion between schools in the cluster, including the feeder secondary school.  By meeting earlier in the year, the teachers are able to spot gaps and areas for development which can then be acted upon within that year.  Working with the secondary school has also enhanced transition discussions, with primary teachers becoming clearer about what comes next for pupils, and secondary teachers understanding what has been achieved in the primary school.  Collating annotated examples and teacher commentaries from the cluster moderations electronically on Hwb provides a bank of exemplars to draw upon in future years.


Link to video with further explanation of the school’s approach 

Garnteg Primary, Pontypool