TAPS Scotland – draft materials

The TAPS Scotland project (2019-21) involves collaborative working with PSTT Fellows and SSERC primary cluster mentors across Scotland. Outcomes from the project include a TAPS Scotland booklet, a Skills flag and a Progression Grid, which maps all of the TAPS activities onto the Curriculum for Excellence.

The TAPS Focused Assessment approach has been used to support teachers and pupils to focus on one part of an enquiry at a time, within the context of a whole investigation. There are a wide range of activity plan available on the main TAPS website, including some new TAPS Scotland plans:

Early: Forensic footprints, Toy forces, Scooping sounds

First level: Dunlop balls, Drops on a coin, Forensic fingerprints, Macintosh waterproof, Wind power vehicles

Second level: Digestion modelling, Dirty water filter, Forensic powders, Bird beaks, O-wing

Some draft examples of pupil work are also below: