If you are new to TAPS, then we recommend you start by trying some Focused Assessment activities – find the lesson plans on the main TAPS website. To register interest for Focus4TAPS professional development, please complete this form.

On this website, the TAPS pyramid tool provides schools with a supportive structure to evaluate and develop their assessment processes. The rich classroom assessment information produced by ‘active pupils’ and ‘responsive teachers’ can be used formatively to inform next steps and summatively to report to different audiences.

Assessment information flows up the pyramid, from the classroom ‘pupil’ and ‘teacher’ layers, through the ‘shared understanding’ layer where judgements are collated and moderated, to the ‘summative and whole school reporting’ layers. Within each layer are guidance boxes containing suggested practices and examples from across the UK, providing a bank of ideas for the development of assessment in primary science.

The Teacher Assessment in Primary Science (TAPS) project is based at Bath Spa University and funded by the Primary Science Teaching Trust.  TAPS has been working in collaboration with teachers across the UK since 2013 to develop support for valid, reliable and manageable assessment, which will have a positive impact on children’s learning.

The home page shows the principles of the pyramid model, with ‘active pupils’ and ‘responsive teachers’ as the basis of assessment practices. You can return here at any time by clicking on the top pyramid icon.
Clicking on a layer will take you to the guidance boxes, which contain suggested practices to support valid, reliable and manageable assessment. You can use the side bar to switch between layers.
Clicking on a guidance box will take you to examples of practice from a range of contexts. We are always looking for more examples, so do get in touch to share your ideas.
Some examples contain links to TAPS Focused Assessment activity plans, which are designed to support teachers to focus on one element during science enquiry lessons.